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Reliable communication technology is vital for any type of business.


Traditionally, companies had to host their own phone system hardware onsite. This require expensive upfront hardware cost while also being responsible for support and maintenance cost. This includes software updates, damages, and upgrades all of which must be initialized by an internal IT staff or outside consultant. Not only must you plan for these costs, but have cash on reserve in case of a failure of your phone system. Also, losing the flexibility to grow or downsize as needed without losing/spending extra money.


Now introducing Strata Pointe’s Hosted VoIP solution that assume the risk and burden of your phone system with no more expensive upfront hardware cost. 


Our solution is a low upfront cost alternative with no capital cost. Instead of paying for your hardware upfront, you get our worry-free system for a single monthly payment. We shoulder all the risk, work, and complexity of the hosted VoIP system allowing you to focus on what's important to your business. With a variety of plans you can have the highest quality phones and features. Any time you wish to upgrade you can without losing out on your investment.


Tax Infrastructure

If you are currently using a hosted VoIP phone system, you need to make sure your current VoIP provider is taxing correctly. 


At Strata Pointe we not only compile and review your telephony taxes at no extra charge, but our advanced software and tax professionals keeps track of each minute used to ensure that you’re not paying a cent more in taxes than you should, giving you a tax advantage.


Geographic Redundant 

A communication system is only as good as its uptime. We realize how vital communication is to your business. Any time your phones go down, it has a negative effect on your business productivity. We understand the importance of offering a service that keeps your phones online – no matter what.


Therefore, we host our communication systems in a redundant network spread across the United States. If something happens to one location, your phones won’t be affected as the calls get rerouted through our other data center locations.


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