Strata Pointe Technologies is more than just a WAN provider. We utilize network design engineers and project managers to simplify and develop a customized network solution for you.

We serve multi-location organizations that seek to reduce cost, consolidate billing and achieve 24x7 network support for data services under a single WAN service provider.



Our flagship product is our bonded WAN solution. We utilize 2 unique WAN medias (Fiber, Cable, LTE) to improve your Quality of Service by creating an Active-Active bond. This creates a true WAN failover connection, so you don’t have to experience painful downtime due to your internet connection going out.


Fully Customized from the Ground Up for Each Client

Our primary goal is to Simplify Your WAN. All too often our prospects became Clients because their previous carrier over engineered their last WAN, they underperformed their stated SLA and charged exorbitant prices, in some cases double. We understand no two Clients have the same needs so we start from scratch every time and because of our neutrality, there is nothing we cannot deliver.

We are Technology and Carrier Neutral
Strata Pointe Technologies partners with the world’s largest cable and LTE networks. We have experiences with all major carriers in the telecommunication and WAN industry. This allows us to customize a solution to replace your WAN connection with the best available service; at the best available price. As a result, we combine best-in-class components to build a StrataWAN solution suited for you with no constraints or distractions.

Nationwide Installation and On-site Support
Strata Pointe Technologies provides end-to-end delivery including a dedicated project management team and onsite technicians for professional installation. We provide installation support across North America and deliver same day break/fix dispatches; anywhere.


Single-Bill Invoicing

No matter how many sites you have or how many service components you build-in, your Always-ON StrataWAN invoice will come on a consolidated monthly invoice.


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