A Strata Pointe dedicated server is hardware dedicated just to you. It is not shared with anyone else. A hard firewall is in front of the server providing customized protection. This provides a powerful combination of bandwidth, memory and resources in a reliable and secure environment.

What are the benefits? Secure - All resources on the server are allocated to you. In addition, support is offered 24/7. Optional managed support services include items such as operating system updates and security patches.

Control - Dedicated servers provides you with the control. You determine how you want to use the server and you manage everything on that server. Your have complete control over the dedicated hardware that is provide to you.

Reliability – Bandwidth and memory are dedicated to your resources ensuring that they are always available. Traffic from other dedicated servers does not encroach on your resources. Your server will always have the resources dedicated to it. You don’t have to worry about downtime or maxed out capacity due to other customer’s use of their servers. All of this is hosted in Strata Pointe’s fully redundant facility providing you even greater reliability.

Performance - The dedicated resources contribute to higher performance. You can remotely monitor its performance and maximize it to your needs.

Why choose Strata Pointe's dedicated servers? To help you get the most out of your dedicated server, Strata Pointe offers several carefully bundled packages and various add-ons to meet your unique needs. Our 24-hour support and management options provide additional support to your internal personnel. Optional monitoring leave you confident that your online resources are reliable and secure.

You will also receive a dedicated Hardware Firewall/Router that sits in from of you server or servers. This will allow you to have total control of your servers on the internet. You can configure your own rules and allow or deny your WAN traffic along with shaping your traffic between server on your LAN.

We can assist you in customizing a server that fits your business needs.