Cloud Backup

In today's complex data environment, copying data at night to CDs/DVDs or tapes on premise are no longer efficient. This form of backup is an outdated process that is neither very secure nor always reliable. In addition, if backup CDs/DVDs or tapes are taken offsite, they can be lost or stolen. On-premise backups are also subject to fire, floods or other disasters that can occur without notice in facilities or office spaces.

Proper backups are done automatically at non-peak business hours, are securely encrypted, are available for restore at any time and are taken offsite. Our remote backup solutions meet this criteria. Your automatic daily online backup will quickly send your data over the internet to a secure remote server in our Strata Pointe data facility.

It's automatic so you can rest assured that it is being done on a regular schedule that you set. The correct files are being backed up. You set the backup to encompass all of the data files you want backed-up. There is flexibility so that you can structure the backups how you want them. You determine the level of version to retain. You can also apply different retention policies to different backup groups providing you a level of flexibility to match your business needs. Backups are scheduled to run at off peak hours. That data is easily accessible if it needs to be restored. The backup system can be quickly accessed by another server and restored in a timely fashion. Backup files are compressed and encrypted for a fast, secure backup. The infrastructure is housed in our data center, bringing you all the advantages of our redundant, protected environment.