The fast, reliable and affordable voice failover service

ReConnect is a business continuity solution providing companies with a cost effective way to continue voice communications with their customers and suppliers in the event of a disaster or "outage" (i.e. business phone service is disconnected, storms, fire, etc.).

How it works: In the event of an outage and business phone service is disconnected, the customer notifies their local service provider (i.e. AT&T, etc.) of the outage and requests to Remote Call Forward (RCF) their phone number(s) to the ReConnect service. The customer's local service provider forwards the customer's phone numbers to the ReConnect service. The ReConnect service will identify incoming calls and associate them to the customer phone numbers being forwarded to and stored in the ReConnect system. After an incoming call is answered by ReConnect, the caller will hear an automated, customized greeting and given the option to either:
    a. Using the dial pad on their phone, enter the first few letters of the person's last name they want to speak to; OR
    b. Say the name of the person they wish to speak to
After confirming the name of the person the caller is trying to contact, the incoming call is immediately transferred to the cell phone (Or any alternate number) of the person for whom the call is intended for.

Service fees:

Initial Setup Fee - $99.00 (one-time upfront fee)

Monthly Service Fee - $50.00 per month; allows customer phone numbers (no limit) to be remote call forwarded to the ReConnect service; includes up to 10 end points be setup in the ReConnect system to receive incoming calls; additional end points to accept calls can be added for $1.00 per month; service agreement is for one (1) year.

Per Call Fee - $0.50 per call forwarded to and answered by the ReConnect service; call reporting provided to customers detailing calls handled by ReConnect and what phone numbers the calls were transffered to.

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