Secure Instant Network Connection (SINC)

The portable, powerful Strata MOBILE SINC® "Mega Hotspot" powers multiple devices courtesy of greatly expanded bandwidth. Take it where you need it. Plug it in. Push the button.
Instant, anywhere, secure and fast connectivity

Featured & BenefitsSimple Installation - Set up and ready to use in 5 minutes. "Plug it in, push the button."

Safe & Secure Unlike your phone hotspot, your data is encrypted with Strata SINC.

Easy Integration with Strata Pointe's SD-WAN Solutions

Portable - Enjoy instant internet access wherever you need it... construction sites, disaster relief areas, special
events and more

Increased Speed & Capacity - Three times more than a single phone or Mifi hotspot

Supported - Usage/intrusion monitored

Rugged - Everything you need encased in a durable case, ready-to-roll with wheels and
extendable handle.

• Also inclused 3 powerful external pole antennas with 50' antenna cable.