Streamline the back end of your IT operations.

Make the most of your existing inventory and help your new employees onboard seamlessly. Strata Pointe gives you the infrastructure to maximize your assets and standardize your procedures, all with quick shipping thanks to our proximity to UPS' primary air cargo hub.


Extra storage to pull from when you need it.


We turn client-provided configurations into network devices hand delivered to your locations.


Extra or broken hardware doesn't have to be a lost investment. We re-manufacture and refresh network equipment and other devices.

Refreshed, configured, and on your doorstep.

Get the longest life out of your hardware investments through our refurbishment and storage process. We'll do the cleaning and configuration, and when its time to use it, we'll ship it on your behalf.

ITAD Certified

With our Information Technology Asset Disposal accreditation, we ensure technology can be disposed without liability.

Warranty & RMA

We manage your warranty and RMA for you, which means you only have to worry about unboxing your working devices.

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