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Technology that drives independence.

For over 10 years, we've given mid-market and cross-state organizations the processes and labor flexibility to help their operations run smoothly, allowing our clientele to concentrate on driving growth and innovation.
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Strata Pointe CEO, Jeff Honken, started as a consultant for AST/ACME tasked with bringing their IT systems and process to the modern age.​


Honken created Pi-Star in 2004 as an IT solutions provider for multi-location oil companies in the Appalachian Mountains, working with managed networks.​


In 2012, recognizing the need for growth, Pi-Star was reformed into Strata Pointe Technologies, focusing on engineering IT services for SMBs in the Louisville market.​


In 2020, Strata Pointe acquired TechConnect Services,​ a national field service company, enhancing their support with global capabilities.


In 2024, Strata Pointe merged its solutions with TechConnect’s to deliver on their new vision of driving independence through IT.​
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The Strata Pointe difference:

Our technicians are our lifeblood.

We're able to provide outstanding service thanks to the dedication and high performance of our vetted technicians. We're honored to partner with over 30 dedicated techs on a weekly basis, and utilize a rotating class of 1,500 technicians monthly, and 5,000-6,000 annually.

Simple process, powerful results.

We've designed our solution ecosystem to help you achieve peak operational efficiency. Whether it be surveying your sites, or disposing of antiquated hardware, we get rid of the hurdles along your IT journey.
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