End-to-end device lifecycle management.

From warehousing to refurbishment, Strata Pointe gives you the infrastructure to maximize your assets and standardize your procedures.
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Warehoused within 5 miles of the UPS Worldport in Louisville, KY

Expertise at every stage of your device lifecycle.

We work with your to craft a hardware lifecycle plan from configuration to disposal.


Receive equipment from you or your vendors and ship directly to your remote sites.


Devices will be dropped with a client-provided configuration and will be sub-sequentially tested.


Devices will be visually inspected & sanitized, with any ancillary parts being replaced as available, followed by a base functionality test.


Owning the inventory owner’s RMA process, Strata Pointe will log the available RMA by serial or model, ship it to the manufacturer, receive and return it to inventory.


IT asset disposal without certification.


IT asset disposal with certification.

How we measure up.

All measurements can be picked packed or received.


Single units of hardware.


Boxes of hardware (6-15 units).


Palletized of hardware (16-20+ units).
Get issues resolved faster, and see everything within the same portal.

Take control of your IT ecosystem by integrating your logistics with our other services.

Field Services & PM

When a project requires large hardware rollouts, we can pull from your existing inventory to maximize your return on assets.


When a ticket turns into a need for a new device, our helpdesk integrates with our warehousing to send your end users working equipment.

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